Ensure that your personnel are fully trained and knowledgeable.

ETC will deliver a curriculum designed to ensure that your personnel are fully trained and knowledgeable in all operation and maintenance aspects of your equipment.

  • Flight Simulator Maintenance Training
  • Flight Simulator Maintenance Training

Simulator Maintenance Training
ETC will train each appointed individual onsite, in the necessary maintenance of each flight simulator. Simulator Maintenance Training can range from daily practices to more elaborate quarterly and annual procedures. Each individual will also be trained how to identify any area of potential challenge and to work with one of ETC’s field engineer to correct that item before it becomes more serious. ETC can hire an onsite professional or assist in the process as needed.
Operator Training
All operators will be trained to operate their simulators (regardless of manufacturer) in accordance with their own individual set of requirements. Operator training is typically combined with other types of personnel training and is delivered by ETC’s Aeromedical Training Institute (AMTI). This training can be provided either onsite or at ETC’s Corporate Headquarters.