The most cost-effective alternative to total equipment replacement is an upgrade.

Your simulator, whether an ETC device or other manufacturers’, can be upgraded to provide the most flexible, cost-effective solution to your organization, while guaranteeing your simulator is as updated and safe as it can be. Our flight simulator upgrade services are available to military as well as commercial customers, worldwide.

  • Flight Simulator Upgrades
  • Flight Simulator Upgrades

Needs Analysis
ETC starts each simulator upgrade with a comprehensive evaluation of the mechanical, electrical, and control systems. The simulator’s placement within the facility, as well as, any integration with other simulators is also reviewed. A thorough review provides valuable insight on the current condition of your flight simulation system and assists ETC in working to develop a personalized upgrade plan.
Mechanical Systems Upgrades
For devices which are manufactured by ETC, a comprehensive system analysis is performed including looking at the devices integration and interface with the facility and other simulators.
For equipment provided by another manufacturer, ETC ILS offers services to analyze these as well. Through a combination of reverse engineering and digital simulation, an appropriate plan can be developed without original manufacturer’s design plans or information.
Following the assessment of your simulator, facility and their integration at the existing site, ETC ILS will then provide a recommendation for upgrade, system modification/update or retrofit, depending on the most appropriate for modernize your equipment and facilities, and increasing safety through optimized function.
Control System Upgrades
Control system upgrades can be implemented to expand the capability of a simulator or to address hardware obsolescence. Control system updates can improve the user interface or enhance the motion system’s performance, thereby improving the flight simulator’s training capability and effectiveness.
Electrical Upgrades
Electrical system upgrades are typically implemented when there is a change to the control system or a mechanical upgrade. The extent of the effort is determined by the condition of the flight simulator’s existing system, as well as additional modifications. ETC will review your current system and recommend upgrades that will bring your system up to the latest electrical codes.
Flight Simulator Relocation
Moving to a new facility or expanding your existing facility? ETC will disassemble, package, reassemble and reintegrate your device into a new location. We can also assist in providing you with a new facility or in modifying a location of your choosing.