Preventative and emergency services for all manufacturers’ military and commercial flight simulators.

ETC offers preventative and emergency services for all manufacturers’ military and commercial flight simulators, worldwide.

  • Performance Based Logistics
  • Flight Simulator Service and Repair

Emergency Flight Simulator Repair
When an urgent situation arises, ETC will have their personnel at your site in as little as *24 hours. Once onsite, we will diagnose the issue and provide a targeted flight simulator service and repair plan. Our dedicated and experienced repair professionals will have your simulator up and running as quickly as possible, reducing down time and saving costs.
Preventative Maintenance
ETC offers a preventative maintenance service plan for every need and budget. These plans can be delivered annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. All service plans introduce a standard protocol for each flight simulator, reviewing the entire system and identifying areas of concern. All preventative maintenance activities are designed to increase the effectiveness of you flight simulator and extend the life of the device.
Comprehensive Service Plans
All service calls are performed using the same onsite service protocol. After arriving onsite, the field engineer will follow the proper service procedure for addressing each challenge or apply the routine maintenance plan outlined for each simulator.
Full-time, Onsite COMS
As part of our operation and maintenance support contract, we train the onsite designee in the necessary maintenance duties of each flight simulator. Whether the onsite individual is a customer designated representative or a newly hired person, each onsite individual is fully trained and further supported to perform any and all maintenance requirements on a full time, onsite basis.
Spare Parts
ETC assists new clients in identifying and developing an inventory of needed spare parts for their flight simulator, regardless of make and model.
*times are somewhat contingent on availability of travel arrangements, weather, etc.